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Over 350 awards for students, teachers, and community

A $15-$30k endowment for your school

An additional $4000- $6000 in scholarship funds

All these benefits at no cost to your school!

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Give back to your local schools

Fully endorsed by your local school principal

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“Anytime the community and the school work together, I think it’s a win.  With SchoolAwards, we can form partnerships with the community that supports our kids, and we get to recognize extraordinary students in formal, public ways that we hadn’t had the funds to do in the past.     Now, they know that we see them, and our academic, creative, innovative, and athletic students *all* expect to excel. “
Shawn Kelly, Principal, Wasatch High School
At MIRO industries and RoofTopAnchor Inc. we have a lot of parental involvement in both the community and the local school district. Our door was almost constantly revolving with requests for money, giveaways, tickets and other monetary support. It has been wonderful to donate to the school through the School Awards program and provide support for all the other programs with one donation. The School Awards Program has taken that administrative load off of our businesses and allowed us to accomplish our goal: support the local schools and students and still run our business.

It has been an absolute success!!

Nathan Sargent, CEO, Miro Industries, Inc.
I used to donate money to the school and get a banner hung up at the football field. Now I receive such a variety of marketing benefits and because of all the ways my business has been recognized we are much more visible in the community. SchoolAwards promotes my business in such a professional way by using social media and other precise marketing methods that I can count on them each year. Not only are they committed to recognizing students and teachers, but they actually care that I get a return on my marketing contribution dollars.
Rocky Fischer, Dental Marketing