SchoolAwards Logo is a company founded on the idea that schools and communities can do more together, by combining the empowering impact of individual recognition with the reciprocal benefits of school/community collaboration.

We passionately believe that partnerships and collaboration between schools and local businesses develop communities, raise up youth, and lay the foundation for a better future right where they work and live every day.

The School Awards Story

Craig Davis saw a need in local schools. Schools want to recognize teachers and students for all of their accomplishments and the impact that they make, but it’s difficult to allocate time and resources to create, implement, and fund a comprehensive awards program. In response, Craig began the research and design process to develop a solution.

In partnership with The Widow’s Might, School Awards was built as a way to not only provide the opportunity for single mothers to work from home and provide for their families, but also as a program that would assist the schools by partnering with local business to make a difference through sponsorships, and through a fully funded and comprehensive recognition program.

Everyone benefits — Schools fully recognize students and teachers for their accomplishments.  Local businesses give back to the community while receiving a robust marketing package for their contributions. Single mothers provide for their families while spending more time with their children.

Recognize Excellence.

Raise the Extraordinary.


Meet the Team

Tristen Eriksen
Unreliable when outdoors. Since recently graduating college – again – has begun new addictions to sleeping outdoors, riding bikes in the mountains, and hiking long distances for fun. Has adverse reactions to emotional drama overload from his adorable twin girls and works hard at beating his two younger boys at anything. Tries to keep up with his oldest son and daughter by “staying cool”. Always has to lift more weights than his wife in the gym and loves being married to the “Judge’s Daughter” for the past 24+ years.
Craig Davis
Dreams of playing in the NFL and is currently waiting for a call from Utah State University (USU) for his invitation as the next offensive coordinator. He’s the wannabe athlete to his wife, the hall of fame gymnast at USU, although he will claim he was the better athlete. Loves to fly fish but really hasn’t caught anything. Considers his sweetheart to be the greatest catch he has ever had. After hours of being beaten, dominated and humiliated by his 4 boys in all competitions, he can’t wait to get home and play dolls with his only daughter. Used to participate in High School musicals back in the day and now just sings in the shower.
Payton Davis
Currently pursuing a degree in Family and Marriage, but mostly pursuing marriage. He refers to his pursuit of education as a “Business Degree” at Utah State University. While studying in Logan he was reintroduce into the wild where he enjoys outdoor activities. Where once he chased squirrels he now chases “the one.” After hiking and searching, he can be found setting up his hammock and napping long hours. When the wind blows cold and the snow falls he can be found hanging in a hammock near the ski slopes. He enjoys developing his alpha male with his brothers in enjoyable athletic competitions and lets his little sister beat him in almost any competition. He enjoys his mom’s cooking but claims he has a taste of his own. He can be found full and happy once fed and engaged in watching Utah Jazz.

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