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Why Recognition?

When it comes to academics, it’s customary in our society to recognize the highest achievers, but many students get overlooked, because it’s not as common to recognize the inventor, the entrepreneur, the innovative artist, or the courageous outreach leader.
Simply recognizing is one of the most powerful and effective means of rewarding and perpetuating good things happening

Validation is one of the deepest human needs, and schools that build an atmosphere where all types of students have a chance to be recognized, are the schools that produce not just high-achievers, but exemplary and fulfilled citizens. was created for that purpose, to reinforce excellence that changes the world, not just gets a kid into a choice college.



We find local businesses who want to invest in their schools as sponsors, and in return SchoolAwards provides them with print and online ads, visibility on banners, on swag at events, on social media, recognition through formal awards, and even a sponsorship board at the school on display.

Helping local business get greater exposure in their communties.


SchoolAwards takes on the mundane so you can focus on the essential. You’re here to be with the students—we’re here to support you. We take care of the background work that fundraising and providing recognition involves, and we make the process simple for you, saving you time and maximizing your funding resources.

You spend less time on fundraising and organizing, and your school gets more funds for your programs, more opportunities to recognize students and teachers, and more collaborative community partnership.

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