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It’s hard enough to lose a spouse, and to be raising children alone.  Typically, mothers who find themselves single have to work long hours, and sacrifice time with their most precious people in order to provide the family with the security they need.   The Widow’s Might was created to provide single mothers the opportunity to provide a living for their children without having to sacrifice any sacred family time. At The Widow’s Might, mothers can send their children to school, work and provide a living without leaving the home, and be finished working when their children return home from school.   No missing important events, teacher conferences, school pick-ups, or crucial homework-help time.    They can be there for dinners, tuck-ins, and all the small moments that go so quickly in a child’s life.

The Widow’s Might employees will be the heart of the School Awards program, working hard as the backbone to achieve the fulfillment of the School Awards program.

I am a single mom with four amazing kids and the Widow’s Might has changed my life. I am able to support my family and be there when my kids get home from school.

Before, when I would get home from work, everything felt rushed. We had to get homework done, dinner ready, kids to soccer, swimming or basketball and still get them to bed at a decent time. Trying to cram everything into three hours was not only hard on me but on my children as well.

Because of the Widow’s Might, we have more time to get everything done, and it is wonderful. I am able to be home when they get home and hear about their day. We have time to have their friends come over. I get to sit and play with my two year old and my four year old. I can’t thank Widow’s Might enough for helping me support my family and be there for my kids.

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